The Process

The process for creating and building a Website  is an exciting journey, and I will be there to help in each step of this process. We will be working in a collaborative environment that will require: open communication, fast feedback  and constant revisions.


Let’s gather your project’s information.
We will catch up and discuss about your website: goals, purpose, target market, competitors, etc.


Estimation. I will provide a custom estimation of timeframe and money that your Web Design project will cost.


Following the acceptance of the Estimation. I will start getting my head around your business and goals, and I will commit myself to offer my knowledge and vast experience to deliver the right website for your business.


I will create wireframes/sketches, that match your content focussing on User Experience and lead generation.


Now is the time for colours, layouts and typography. I will deliver a Web Design Proposal following your requirements and branding. Usually a Homepage and a couple of Style Pattern Pages.


Development: Time to code. I will code your website following the World Wide Web Standards and be using, modern frameworks/cms. Focusing in responsiveness, making your Website look good on any device: mobiles, tablets, desktop and also focussing on On Page SEO.


Testing functionalities. I will test your Website and make sure it works in the most common Browsers and Operating Systems.


Deployment. Yes! Time to go live. All my work has 30 days of guarantee. So if anything happens at that timeframe after the deployment I will fix it right away


Maintenance, An optional service to discuss afterwards. I can look after your Website: content plugin updates, improvements, etc.