I wanted to write a quick article sharing my favourite SEO tools. These tools help a lot in the SEO workflow, research and analysis on my daily basis.

It is amazing how choosing the right tools can really make the different when it comes to get a right SEO service done properly.

OK, without any particular order, here we go!


semrushIt basically analyses your website for a better performance. You can also “spy”  your competitor keywords. It also provides a decent backlink analysis. It can be ideal for long tail keyword research as well.


ahrefsThis amazing tool is getting better with the time. It provides with an exhaustive report of a website’s: backlink, keyword. The nice thing is that they use their own bot which gathers information of a trillion websites, which provides with information that sometimes Google itself doesn’t show.


screaming frogIdeal for an OnPage SEO Analysis. It crawls a whole website (up to 500 urls in its free version) giving us crucial information like: h1/h6 tags, Metadata, Broken Links (internal and external) among other options. It is ideal as it speeds up the research workflow hugely.


seoquakeIt is a free plugin for Google Chrome that provides you with crucial SEO metrics for a specific page, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit, which provides of an excellent Keyword density onPage report. I love to use it to find out how hard is ranking for a specific keyword, and how strong are the competitors when I do Local SEO.


SEO MOZ BarThis tool is ideal for a proper SEO research. It provides with metrics like: Page Authority and Domain Authority just next to the SERP results. It helps to see how strong are the competitors on an specific keyword.

I think that’s it at the moment, my idea it is to extend this list in the near future with more tools.

First Site Guide

First Site Guide is a free tool for tracking the performance of a website. This tool will show you domain authority, page-speed, on-page SEO analysis, Alexa rank, traffic info and other important website metrics in order to provide you with the valuable insights on the improvement of your website.