About me

I create Web Applications for individuals
and businesses since 2,000.

Renzo Salvador
Digital Developer

Over the years I’ve been working for several Web Design, Marketing and E-Commerce Agencies across Europe, which allowed me to grasp priceless knowledge and experience that  I am very happy to offer to my clients.

As a freelance Web Designer and Developer, I work with a good range of clients in Europe, America and Asia delivering Web Design projects of all sorts and markets.

I am a flexible freelancer and I can adapt my work to my client’s needs offering a wide range  of services that include: Graphic Design, Web Design, Front End development, Server Management, Cpanel/WHM, DNS Management, SEO, WordPress Custom Themes, VPS Management, Bespoke Web Design and CMS Integration, E-Commerce Websites.

I am able to help individuals, start-ups, non-profits or small and medium businesses, so if you think I might a good fit to your next project, feel free to get in touch.

I am also available through Racoon Media UK, a Local Web Agency based in the Horsham.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Online Marketing
UI Design / Illustrator / Photoshop
VueJS / Angular JS
NodeJS / GruntJS
VPS / cPanel / WHM