• Web Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Custom Wordpress Theme Coder
  • User experience Designer
  • Tech enthusiaSt


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A custom Wordpress Theme Developed for Room4Exchange.com

Languages: HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Wordpress Codex, Masonry, Bootstrap.

The User Interface was made using SKETCH



An Agency Wordpress Theme

Languages: Bootstrap, Wordpress Codex, HTML5, CSS3, javascrip & jQuery

The User Interface was made using Photoshop


The London Nautical School

A custom Theme Developed in FluencyCMS

Languages: HTML5, CSS, jQuery, FluencyCMS, Bootstrap.

The User Interface was made using Photoshop



A Responsive Web Development for Practical Vacuum Technology Courses

Languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

The User Interface design was made using Photoshop



Front End Developement for LetsGo2

Languages: HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Gulp, GIT

The User Interface was provided


Uppingham Theatre

UI Design for Uppingham Theatre

UI Design, Bootstrap Grid, Photoshop

Graphic Design Principles



A custom PSD Design

Tools: UI Design, Photoshop.

A User Interface Design for Wordpress


Nursery UI Design

Tools: UI Design, Photoshop.

A User Interface Design for Wordpress

UI & Graphic Design Principles



Some of my Skiils include:

  • Good eye for details
  • SEO Optimization
  • UX Focussed
  • Project Managing
  • 10+ Experience
95% Complete
HTML / HTML5 / SublimeText3 95%
CSS / SASS / GruntJS 90%
80% Complete (danger)
Bootstrap / RWD / Fluid Interfaces 80%
UX Design / Photoshop / Sketch 85%
85% Complete (danger)
Wordpress Codex / Underscores 85%
JavaScript / jQuery / NodeJS / ExpressJS 60%
PHP / MySQL / CMS Integration 45%


UX Web Designer

I am always looking for the best practices and analytics to build not only beautiful interfaces but also 100% functional from the user's point of view.

Front End Developer

I have been developing for the Web in HTML, CSS and JS since 1999. (Even during the “Flash age” using Actionscript and XML to retrieve data). I also has experience using: jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS or GIT.

Happy to try new Front End Technologies

I am always training myself on What is next. As a member of Tutsplus, I try to finish at least a couple of online courses a month like: Bower, Grunt, Yeoman, NodeJS, etc.

Wordpress Theme Developer

I am able t develop custom themes based in Wordpress using Bootstrap, or starter themes like Underscores)

Experienced Responsive Web Designer

I usually tend to use Mobile first / Device agnostic approach in every project.

Experienced CMS Integrator

I have more than 7 years of experience integrating Backend and Frontend on top of Linux/PHP/MySQL Web applications.

UI Web Designer

I apply my Graphic and Visual Design experience and principles to adapt

Good Team Player

I am used to work on a collaborative environment interacting hand to hand with other frontiers or back end developers, either presencial or remote.

Flexible and Hard Worker

I am good at keeping my time scales and love

NodeJS / GruntJS / BrowserSync / SASS

I have experience buiding Front End workflow in this technologies.


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